Gas Prices, Market Crash, and the Future

Recently, I was in a discussion about a good friend of mine who serves in the Alabama legislature. In the conversation, I mentioned this individual and said you can count on that person to do what is right. They are the kind of people we need in the legislature. The other person with whom I was conversing would call themselves a conservative Republican, but immediately they began to discuss legislators and members of Congress. That individuals sole criterion for quality of an elected representative is the amount of money that elected representative brings back to their home area.

For generations, politicians have held onto office by boasting of money brought back into the district. Particularly distressing is that so-called conservative Republicans go to Congress with a vengeance to fight the leviathan of big government, but are soon lured into voting for unconstitutional spending because some of that money comes back to the district. Hence, we vote our way into the treasury and buy votes to re-elect us.

Our representatives have spent our huge federal revenues, have spent deeply into the Social Security Trust Fund, and then have borrowed to the gills to finance spending. The vast majority of funds spent are not authorized by the US Constitution. The vast borrowing sprees by our Federal Government have now reached foreign banks as a great portion of our national debt is held by international investors. Shockingly, lenders in Red China hold billions and billions of loans to the US Government. Congressman Ron Paul warned that Red China could wage economic warfare simply by dumping their vast holdings in US dollars.

60% of Voters Say Supreme Court Should Base Rulings “Off of Constitution”

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey on the topic of the United States Supreme Court reveals some interesting statistics. It shows a majority of Americans believe decisions should be aligned with the written document as opposed to the primary other methodology of decisions, i.e. fairness & equality. While I am glad that a majority of Americans do agree in theory with libertarians & conservatives on this issue it is unfortunate that the percentage is not higher. With many polls showing “liberals” making up less than 15% of the electorate, one has to ask the question - where do the remaining 15% of the 30% of voters who think the nation’s top court should make decisions based upon fairness and equity come from?

A “Big L” on the Campaign for Liberty

In case you were living under a rock for the last week or somehow without the ability to access United Liberty via the Internet, a group of us visited the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to provide photo and live blog coverage of the happenings.  As a card-carrying member of my state and national Libertarian Party, visiting a rally to return the GOP back to its roots may seem like I was a fish out of water.  Lucky for me, Ron Paul’s message of liberty and adherence to the Constitution transcends party lines toward a very well-organized movement to restore American freedom.

From my arrival at the Leadership Summit, I felt very welcome among the Ron Paul faithful.  Don’t get me wrong…  I am very well-acquainted with Dr. Paul’s message, and I voted for him in Georgia’s presidential preference primary.  His candidacy brought about some much-needed attention to the liberty message, especially when the Libertarian Party struggles with things like ballot access and discord within itself.

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